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Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio is Salem, OH’s go-to provider for roofing and gutter services. We offer roof repairs, roof replacements, gutter installation, and more. We are committed to shielding you and your home from the elements by providing you with only the best products and solutions in the industry. We complete the following services and more:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repair
  • Hail & Wind Damage Repair
  • Emergency Roof Repair
  • Roof Inspection
  • Gutter Installation
  • And More!

Don’t wait another day to complete the necessary repairs to your roof or to upgrade your gutters. Contact us today at 1-844-383-3318 or complete the provided form to schedule your free estimate. We are thrilled to serve Salem, OH and the surrounding areas.

Reliable roof repairs in Salem

Your roof bears the brunt of inclement weather, from blazing sun to hail storms, so it is no wonder that your roof occasionally endures some damage. Luckily, Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio will complete the necessary repairs in no time at all. Whether you are seeking a contractor to complete regular maintenance for your roof or whether you need to have a few shingles replaced, we’ve got you covered. We can repair the following damage and more:

  • Wind damage
  • Tree damage
  • Hail & storm damage
  • Damaged shingles
  • Rusted or broken vent boots
  • Roof leaks
  • Improper roof ventilation
  • Emergency roof repairs

Roof replacement experts serving Salem

Unfortunately, your roof cannot always come back from damage. If your roof has been seriously damaged in a recent storm, or if it is simply old and outdated, now might be the time to consider a roof replacement. Our professionals will assess the damage and make their recommendation for moving forward, suggesting only the most cost-effective and practical solution if they recommend a roof replacement. No need to worry! Our experts reinforce the roofing system at every layer so that you can rest assured knowing that you and your home will be covered for years to come. Looking to learn more about our strategy? Read on!

Our roof replacement process:

  1. Seal: We install a waterproof barrier beneath shingles that will stop water from seeping into the home. This will prevent moisture damage, mold, and wood rot.
  2. Defend: We install a durable and beautiful layer of asphalt shingles that lock together to provide superior defense against harsh storms, wind, hail, and more.
  3. Breathe: After installing shingles, we ensure the attic maintains healthy temperatures with ridge vents and other types of roof ventilation.

Salem’s trusted gutter installation contractor

Your gutters are your roof's second line of defense, protecting your home from water damage. If your gutters are constantly getting clogged or beginning to sag, give us a call! As your local Gutter Shutter dealer and expert gutter contractor, we have exclusive access to the leading gutter solution in the industry. The Gutter Shutter system is designed never to sag, clog, or pull away from your home, utilizing seamless gutter technology and high-strength aluminum to ensure lasting results. That means you won’t ever have to get up on that ladder to clean out your gutters again!

Gutter installation services in Salem

  • Aluminum gutter installation
  • Seamless gutter installation
  • Gutter Guard
  • Downspouts and gutter extensions

Level up your gutters when you partner with Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio. Give us a call at 1-844-383-3318 or simply click below to schedule your free gutter installation estimate in Salem, OH and areas nearby.

Case Studies From Salem
A tree that fell during a period of severe weather created damage to a home in Salem, Ohio. This damage destroyed the roofing system to the point of...
Job Stories From Salem, OH
Failing Roof System in Salem, OH

A roof replacement project was necessary when the current system began to fail. The old roof was missing shingles and had holes that were leading to leakage inside of the home. The homeowner was prepared to take on a roof replacement project. He wanted something stable on his home that would provide a high level of security against harsh weather conditions and high winds. Asphalt shingles were the perfect solution for this home because of their durability of the shingles. They are available in a wide array of color options and hold up against all weather conditions. For your free estimate, contact Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio today. 


Deteriorating Gutter System in Salem, OH

The gutters that were on a home in Salem, Ohio were beginning to deteriorate and pull away from the home. The damaged gutter system was causing harm to other parts of the home because it was not collecting rainwater correctly. The water was fall right off the home and puddling near the base of the home. This was causing the soil around the home to push the foundation inward. The homeowner knew it was time to get his gutter problem under control. So, he called Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio to get a free estimate on a gutter replacement project. Our team came out and provided the estimate and options for the replacement. GutterShutter® was installed onto this home perfectly. This new system stopped the potential for any future foundation problems. To schedule your free estimate, contact Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio. 


Tree Damage in Salem, OH

A tree fell through a home in Salem, Ohio during a large windstorm. The damage the tree caused was huge and detrimental to the homeowner. He originally had the damage temporarily repaired. That worked for a short amount of time. Eventually, though the patch job that was performed began to fail. 

The slightest amount of rain would leak into the home once the repair failed. It was starting to create damage to the interior portions of the home. When the homeowner had no other option, he called Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio to get a free estimate on a full roof replacement

Our Roofing Specialists performed the estimate on this home and answered all the questions this homeowner had. They presented the best replacement options to add the perfect level of protection to this home. After the estimate appointment, asphalt shingles were installed on this home by our roofing team. The new roof was placed perfectly and the homeowner did not have to worry about interior damage anymore. 

To schedule a free estimate appointment, contact Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio. 

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