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Gutter Shutter Installation in Cleveland, OH

Gutter Shutter Installation in Cleveland, OH

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Gutter Shutter Installation in Cleveland, OH Gutter Shutter Installation in Cleveland, OH

In Cleveland, Ohio, a homeowner was in need of a new gutter system and downspout in order to prevent rainwater from causing any damage or flooding. Klaus Roofing was fully capable of tending to this customer's needs and efficiently installed a new  Gutter Shutter system. If you would like your home protected from any form of water damage, call Klaus Roofing today for a free estimate! 

Emergency Roof Repair in Garfield Heights, OH

Emergency Roof Repair in Garfield Heights, OH

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Emergency Roof Repair in Garfield Heights, OH Emergency Roof Repair in Garfield Heights, OH

A house in Garfield Heights, Ohio was in need of an emergency roof repair. The roof had lots of weather damage as well as it had two layers of shingles. Our team went out to the house, ready to repair this roof as soon as possible. Once they got the multiple layers of shingles off they were ready to put the new asphalt shingles on. The homeowners couldn't be happier to have a new roof over their heads. For any roofing issues, give Klaus Roofing a call for a free estimate today!

Revitalizing Roof near Euclid, Ohio

Revitalizing Roof near Euclid, Ohio

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Revitalizing Roof near Euclid, Ohio Revitalizing Roof near Euclid, Ohio

In South Euclid, a homeowner wanted to upgrade her roof from years of damage and weather resistance. Klaus Roofing Systems used its roof installation services to replace her roof with vibrant asphalt shingles. Want to update your roof's look? Call Klaus Roofing Systems of Northeast Ohio for a free estimate.

Roofing Installations & Gutter Guard Installs in Cleveland, OH

Roofing & gutter professionals serving Cleveland

Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio is Cleveland, OH’s go-to provider for roofing and gutter services. We offer roof repairs, roof replacements, gutter installation, and more. We are committed to shielding you and your home from the elements by providing you with only the best products and solutions in the industry. We complete the following services and more:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repair
  • Hail & Wind Damage Repair
  • Emergency Roof Repair
  • Roof Inspection
  • Gutter Installation
  • And More!

Don’t wait another day to complete the necessary repairs to your roof or to upgrade your gutters. Contact us today at 1-844-383-3318 or complete the provided form to schedule your free estimate. We are thrilled to serve Cleveland, OH and the surrounding areas.

Reliable roof repairs in Cleveland

Your roof bears the brunt of inclement weather, from blazing sun to hail storms, so it is no wonder that your roof occasionally endures some damage. Luckily, Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio will complete the necessary repairs in no time at all. Whether you are seeking a contractor to complete regular maintenance for your roof or whether you need to have a few shingles replaced, we’ve got you covered. We can repair the following damage and more:

  • Wind damage
  • Tree damage
  • Hail & storm damage
  • Damaged shingles
  • Rusted or broken vent boots
  • Roof leaks
  • Improper roof ventilation
  • Emergency roof repairs

Roof replacement experts serving Cleveland

Unfortunately, your roof cannot always come back from damage. If your roof has been seriously damaged in a recent storm, or if it is simply old and outdated, now might be the time to consider a roof replacement. Our professionals will assess the damage and make their recommendation for moving forward, suggesting only the most cost-effective and practical solution if they recommend a roof replacement. No need to worry! Our experts reinforce the roofing system at every layer so that you can rest assured knowing that you and your home will be covered for years to come. Looking to learn more about our strategy? Read on!

Our roof replacement process:

  1. Seal: We install a waterproof barrier beneath shingles that will stop water from seeping into the home. This will prevent moisture damage, mold, and wood rot.
  2. Defend: We install a durable and beautiful layer of asphalt shingles that lock together to provide superior defense against harsh storms, wind, hail, and more.
  3. Breathe: After installing shingles, we ensure the attic maintains healthy temperatures with ridge vents and other types of roof ventilation.

Cleveland’s trusted gutter installation contractor

Your gutters are your roof's second line of defense, protecting your home from water damage. If your gutters are constantly getting clogged or beginning to sag, give us a call! As your local Gutter Shutter dealer and expert gutter contractor, we have exclusive access to the leading gutter solution in the industry. The Gutter Shutter system is designed never to sag, clog, or pull away from your home, utilizing seamless gutter technology and high-strength aluminum to ensure lasting results. That means you won’t ever have to get up on that ladder to clean out your gutters again!

Gutter installation services in Cleveland

  • Aluminum gutter installation
  • Seamless gutter installation
  • Gutter Guard
  • Downspouts and gutter extensions

Level up your gutters when you partner with Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio. Give us a call at 1-844-383-3318 or simply click below to schedule your free gutter installation estimate in Cleveland, OH and areas nearby.

Case Studies From Cleveland
An old roof can be the cause of issues with other parts of your home. It can lead to wood rot around the roof or water leakages within your home. A...
Job Stories From Cleveland, OH
Wood Rot Fixed in Cleveland, OH

A Cleveland, Ohio homeowner contacted Klaus Roofing Systems because a water leak had formed in her home. She did not want it to get any worse and was seeking immediate repair. 


Klaus Roofing was able to match her sense of urgency, especially once multiple places of wood rot were discovered during the inspection. 


Our team quickly got her on the production schedule and repaired the wood rot and installed new asphalt shingles. The homeowner could not be happier with the results and there have been no more signs of any kind of water leaking. 


If you are concerned about the state of your roofing system, ,give Klaus Roofing a call to set up your free estimate.

Updating a Roof in Parma, OH

In Parma, Ohio, one local homeowner was struggling to figure out what to do about his home's old and worn-out roof that had weathered countless storms. Recognizing the importance of a sturdy and reliable roof, he sought the expertise of Klaus Roofing. Our expert inspection team assessed the situation and recommended replacing the damaged, weather-beaten structure with new high-quality materials.


With the plan laid out, we started to remove the old shingles and rotted wood, addressing the underlying issues that were causing water leaks and mold growth. Then, we simply installed brand-new durable decking and flashing before finishing with updated asphalt shingles to complete the transformation.


Klaus Roofing provides not just a roof replacement, but peace of mind. Don't let a worn-out roof compromise your home's safety and value—choose our team to provide the reliable protection your home deserves. Get started today with a free in-home estimate.

Leaky Roof Inspection in Parma, OH

A homeowner in Parma, Ohio noticed stains on the ceiling above the porch of his home, and he knew he needed to act quickly to mitigate further water damage. He contacted Klaus Roofing to schedule an inspection from one of our roof repair experts.


We were able to confirm his suspicions. A thorough examination of the area around the porch determined that the flashing that covered the joint between the main roof and the portion that extended over the porch was poorly installed back when the roof was replaced a decade prior. This caused water to seep through during heavy storms. Thankfully, we were able to suggest a simple fix. New high-quality flashing would shore up the roof's defenses and keep the porch dry year-round.


Our expertise allowed us to propose a reliable way to protect this home from further damage. Concerned about leaks or water damage on your roof? Give us a call today to schedule your free service estimate.

Repairing a Leaky Roof in Brooklyn, OH

As a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio, John knew that the harsh winters in the area could be tough on his house in Brooklyn, Ohio. So, when he noticed signs of water damage in the attic, he suspected it was time to take care of the old wood and shingles on his roof. To that end, he called Klaus Roofing.


We sent one of our roof repair experts out to assess the damage. After confirming that there were some areas of the roof that needed to be repaired or replaced, the roofing inspector provided John with a detailed estimate of repair costs and materials. John was relieved that the cost was reasonable, and he agreed to have the work done.


Over the next few days, our roofing team removed the rotted wood and replaced it with high-quality CDX plywood, designed to stand up to prolonged exposure to the elements. Then, after carefully matching the new materials to the existing ones to ensure a seamless look, we installed new shingles where the old ones had begun to break or separate.


When the work was completed, John couldn't help but feel proud of his beautifully repaired roof and the peace of mind it gave him for the next winter season. Could your roof use an upgrade? Consult the experts at Klaus Roofing today to get started with a complimentary roof inspection and free service estimate.

Total Roof and Gutter Transformation in Cleveland, OH

As new homeowners in Cleveland, Ohio, Michael and Mary were excited to make their house a home. But as the couple settled in, they noticed that the roof and gutters were in serious need of repair. Water was leaking in through the roof during heavy rain or snow storms, and the downspouts were clogged with debris, causing water to overflow onto the ground below.


Determined to make their new home safe and secure, the homeowners called in Klaus Roofing to find a solution. Our roofing expert began assessing the damage. They quickly determined that the roof and gutters needed to be completely replaced to prevent further damage.


The roof replacement process first involved replacing the rotted wood frame and installing new fascia beams and rafters. Then, once the outline of a new roof was in place, we applied beautiful new slate gray asphalt shingles to provide aesthetic charm and lasting protection to the home. Finally, we installed new seamless gutters with Gutter Shutter protection and leak-resistant downspouts. In a matter of days, the home was safe from future water intrusion and other damage.


This beautiful new roof and gutter system were a testament to the efficiency and performance standards that make up the Klaus Roofing Way. Need a new roof or gutter system in your home? Give us a call today to schedule a free roof inspection and complimentary service estimate.

Leaky Garage Roof Repaired in Cleveland, OH

As the rainy spring season began in Cleveland, Ohio, one area homeowner noticed a leak coming from the roof of his detached garage. Knowing that the damage could only get worse with time, he decided to call in Klaus Roofing to fix the problem.


After assessing the damage, our roofing experts recommended some minor repairs. They noted that there was wood rot in some of the support beams, and several shingles were missing or damaged. We got to work quickly replacing the rotted wood and laying down new shingles.


The team began by removing the damaged wood and replacing it with fresh timber. Additionally, they took time to replace some of the damaged flashing around the garage vent. Finally, after carefully measuring and cutting new shingles to match the existing ones, the updated roof looked as good as new. 


Thanks to comprehensive roof leak repair from Klaus Roofing, the garage roof was now structurally sound and free of leaks. Have you noticed leaks due to shingle damage, rotted wood or other common problems? Give us a call today and ask for a free professional roof inspection and repair estimate.

Seamless Gutters Installed in Cleveland, OH

Homeowner Helen S. of Cleveland, Ohio had grown concerned about the structural integrity of her home's gutters. The system had not been updated for some years. and was clogged with debris and leaking in several places. Helen knew that a new gutter system would ultimately be a wiser investment than attempting to fix the old one, so she reached out to Klaus Roofing for help.


Seamless gutters from Klaus Roofing are a more durable and efficient alternative to traditional gutter systems, and Helen was excited to see the difference they would make for her home. Made of high-grade aluminum, these custom-cut and fit gutters offer smooth, reliable performance and resist corrosion or clogging.


Our installation team removed the old gutters and carefully measured the dimensions for the new ones. By the end of the day, the new gutters looked sleek and modern, and their unique design features would keep the home safe and dry for years to come.


Curious about seamless gutters for your home? Give us a call today and ask for a free gutter installation estimate.

Replacing a Roof in Cleveland Heights, OH

The old roof on one home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio was in dire need of replacement. The couple that owned the home had first noticed signs of structural issues some years ago, but over time the leaks and water damage were becoming increasingly frequent and impossible to ignore. They decided to hire Klaus Roofing to replace the roof.


After drafting a thorough project summary and securing the needed materials, our team started by removing the old shingles and repairing any underlying damage to the wood frame below. As the day progressed, the old roof was stripped away, and the new one began to take shape. New black asphalt shingles were the perfect finishing touch, providing dramatic modern style that the homeowners appreciated.


Thanks to Klaus Roofing, this home was safe from leaks, rotting wood and all the other hazards that come with a failing roof. The Klaus Roofing Way provides the ultimate in peace of mind for homeowners throughout Northeast Ohio. To learn more, contact us today and schedule a free roof inspection and no-obligation service estimate.

Klaus Repairs Wood Rot in Cleveland, OH

Rotting wood is one of the many problems that can be found in a roofing system. This problem, though, can become very severe very quickly. Wood rot can cause holes to form and water leaks to happen inside the home. That is exactly what happened to this home in Cleveland, Ohio. Once the leak began, the homeowner called Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio to begin the first steps of the roof replacement project. The homeowner was shocked at how easy our team of roofing professionals made the process. If you are looking for a roofing contractor to help with your roof replacement project, give Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio a call!

New Asphalt Shingles in Cleveland, OH

A Cleveland, Ohio homeowner called Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio for a roof replacement estimate. Our team visited the home, examined the roof, and gave the homeowner the best options for repairing the roof. Ultimately, the homeowner decided that replacing the entire roofing system would be the most economical option for him in the long run. Our team quickly tore off the old roof and replaced it with beautiful asphalt shingles. If you are looking into a roof replacement project, call Klaus Roofing Systems for your free estimate.

After Tree Fell On Home in Parma, Oh, Klaus Came to Help!

After a dangerous and damaging windstorm in Parma, Ohio, a large tree was blown over and fell on a home. The homeowners were unsure what to do and needed a company that could work with their insurance company. Luckily, here at Klaus Roofing, we are able to work with multiple insurance companies and claims in order to get your roof in a working condition. This roof was in need of many repairs as there was holes in the underlay, missing shingles and other areas on the roof that this tree damaged. Our crew got out to the home as soon as they could and began these urgent needs. 


After a tree company removed the fallen tree, we repaired the holes, placed a new underlay and a new set of asphalt shingles were put on giving this home a beautiful new look. If you are experiencing storm damage to your home and are in need of repairs, call Klaus Roofing today for a free estimate to hear how we can assist you! 

Curb Appeal Restored in Cleveland, OH

A newly purchased home in Cleveland, Ohio was absolutely beautiful, except for one thing; the roof. The roof on this home was a big eye-sore and kind of gross. There was algae growing on the roofing system and it was very discolored from the sun. The homeowners were ready to make a change. They called Klaus Roofing Systems to get some help with the project. Our team installed a new roof to the home and it just changed the entire look of the home. Once again, this Cleveland, Ohio home was restored to something beautiful. If you are looking for a facelift for your home, contact Klaus Roofing Systems today to discuss your options.

Cleveland, OH Roofing Update

A roof replacement project was the last thing a Cleveland, Ohio homeowner wanted to accomplish before moving into her new home. Klaus Roofing Systems was able to help make this final task easy for the homeowner. Our team installed brand-new asphalt shingles that were durable and beautiful. If you are looking for roof replacement options for your home, contact Klaus Roofing Systems today!

Potential Roof Replacement in Euclid, Oh

A homeowner in Euclid, Ohio called Klaus Roofing with concerns about their roofs performance. They had some leaking and overall knew their existing shingles were not getting the job done. Our team went to the home and noticed many areas of damage that needed attention. We saw sealing issues around the chimney, shingles that had got lose and or completely detached, even bent and damaged gutters. We suggested a full roof replacement; which included completely removing old shingles and replacing the underlay, adding brand new asphalt shingles and resealing the gaps around the chimney. This homeowner was unsure of the course of action they wanted to take at the time but we are confident we are the best suited for the job and offer the most efficient solution. If you are requiring maintenance to your roof, don't wait and call Klaus Roofing today and receive your free estimate!

Asphalt Shingle Replacement Job in Garfield Heights, OH

A client in Garfield Heights, Ohio called with concerns for his detached garage's asphalt shingles. They were very old and not performing how they needed to be. This included leaking, missing shingles due to a tree that hung over it and overall an ugly look. They called Klaus Roofing for help and a team of our professionals were able to assess and assist. Once arriving to the home, our team removed the old shingles, examined the old underlay (which also needed some repairs) and began to lay the new asphalt shingles. Once fully installed, this new roof was ready for any rain storm or extreme weather that may hit. If you have concerns about your roof and it's performance, call Klaus Roofing today to receive your free estimate!

Put a Klaus on Your Cleveland, OH House

A Cleveland, Ohio homeowner was in search of a reliable roofing company to help him complete his roof replacement project. He wanted a company that stood by their work and could provide a safe environment for his family. During his search for that company, he met with Klaus Roofing Systems. He was very intrigued with The Klaus Roofing Way and the No-Nail Pledge. He loved that he found a company that stood by their work enough to have these policies in place. This helped him to feel comfortable with the company. Upon completion of the roofing project, he could not be happier with his decision. Our team left this home in better shape than they found it in. A new roof was installed to perfection and the homeowner could not be more thrilled with the level of safety that it provides to his family. If you are taking on a roof replacement project, contact Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio to get started today!

New Roofing System Keeps Your Cleveland, OH Home Dry

A failing roof in Cleveland, Ohio was beginning to cause leaks inside the home. There were obvious water spots on the ceiling in the interior of the home that proved there was some leakage happening. On the exterior of the home, there were missing shingles and serious discoloration. The homeowner knew it was time to look into getting the entire system replaced. Klaus Roofing Systems were able to offer the homeowner a free estimate that included a complete breakdown of the entire replacement process. The homeowner was very appreciative of the breakdown and complete explanation. He quickly chose to work with Klaus and was placed on the production schedule quickly. If you are ready to start your roof replacement project, contact Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio to get a free estimate today!

Beautiful Gutter Installation in Parma, OH

A Parma, Ohio homeowner was ready to look a full gutter replacement project. He was done fixing small pieces of the gutter that were failing and was ready to get a reliable gutter system installed at his home. During his search for the right company to complete this project, this homeowner got in contact with Klaus Roofing Systems. Immediately, he was drawn to the design and promised that GutterShutter® will not pull away from his home. It also helped that the system came in a variety of colors. These gutters contained the level of reliability that the homeowner was looking for. If you need your gutters replaced, contact Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio to receive a free estimate today!

No More Debris in Parma, OH

A homeowner in Parma, Ohio was fed up with the continuous leaf problem that kept growing in the gutters of her home. She was tired of constantly cleaning out the gutters and was desperate for a solution. Klaus Roofing Systems was able to offer multiple options to help keep the gutters clear. Those options included installing a whole new gutter system to the home or adding a top to the current gutter system. Ultimately, it turned out that the addition to the current gutter system was the best solution for this home. If you are looking for gutter solutions, contact Klaus Roofing Systems to receive a free estimate

Solutions for a Leaky Roof in Cleveland, OH

A Cleveland, Ohio homeowner was searching for a solution to her leaky roof. During her search, she found Klaus Roofing Systems and feel in love with the forest green asphalt shingles that we could offer. The new system was installed quickly and beautifully. If you are looking for a roof replacement, contact Klaus Roofing Systems today.

Broken Shingles in Cleveland, OH

Mr. Brown just purchased a home in Cleveland, Ohio. Everything about the home was perfect and updated, except the roof. There were obvious holes in the current roofing system and many of broken shingles. Before he wanted to move in, he wanted to put a reliable roof on the home. Klaus Roofing Systems was able to complete that project for the new homeowner by replacing the broken shingles with new, beautiful asphalt shingles. If you are looking into roof replacement options, contact Klaus Roofing Systems for a free estimate today.

New Roofing System in Cleveland, OH

There are obvious signs when a roofing system begins to fail. You can notice the shingles begin to lose their color, they may begin to fall off, and you can notice water spots on the ceiling inside your home. When a Cleveland, Ohio homeowner noticed these signs, he began searching for a company that could replace their roof. Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio was able to do just that. The new system came complete with brand new asphalt shingles that came in a color that created great curb appeal. If you are looking for roof replacement options, contact Klaus Roofing Systems for a free estimate today!

Upgrading Curb Appeal in Cleveland, OH

A new homeowner in Cleveland, Ohio loved everything about her new home. . . except the roof. She hated the dingey grey color that was attached to the top of her home and she was desperately looking to update the look. Klaus Roofing Systems was able to upgrade this home from the boring grey color to a vibrant red color that really popped and offered beautiful curb appeal for this homeowner to enjoy. Along with an aesthetic appeal, the new roofing system also offers protection to the home below it, complete with a fantastic warranty. If you are looking to upgrade your roofing system, contact Klaus Roofing Systems for a free estimate today!

New Gutters and Roof for Century-Old Home in Cleveland, Ohio

In Cleveland, Ohio, Katherine saw that the gutters on her home were completely pulling away from roof. Not just that, but the roof itself was damaged from years of wear and tear. She knew she needed a roofing company that specialized in roof installation services and gutter installation. Klaus Roofing Systems of Northeast Ohio sent a team who were able to replace her roof and install the Gutter Shutter system. With Gutter Shutter, Katherine is guaranteed to have gutters that never clog and never pull from her home for the lifetime of her home. Now she can rest easy knowing her home is protected from water leakage. If you notice that your gutters are pulling away from your home, don't wait. Call Klaus Roofing Systems for a free estimate today.

Gutter Shutter with New Roof near Euclid, Ohio

Pat in South Euclid, Ohio needed to quality roofing company to help her with her new project: a new roof installation and new gutter installation. Klaus Roofing Systems of Northeast Ohio was on the case. The team was able to replace her roof with vibrant asphalt shingles to revitalize her home aesthetics. They were also able to install the Gutter Shutter system, to replace her old, damaged gutters. This system allows water to flow freely away from her home while also ensuring no clogs with its lifetime no clog guarantee. Now Pat can show off her home and not worry about clogged gutters or water leaking. If you need to replace your roof or gutters, don't wait. Call Klaus Roofing Systems for a free estimate.

Gutter and Roof Replacement in Parma, OH

A home in Parma, Ohio needed some upgrades to its roof and gutters. The owners wanted to get a roof and gutter replacement. Their friend had referred Klaus Roofing to them. They had given us a call to get their free estimate, then had an appointment set up to get the replacement going. The roofing contractors were able to get the old roof taken and replace them with the new asphalt shingles. They also took out all the old gutters and install our Seamless Gutters. These gutters are durable and have low matinence, meaning they are less likely to clog. These gutters also come in many different colors that homeowners can choose from. Once the work had been completed the homeowners couldn't be happier with the end result. They are able to enjoy a fully functional seamless gutter and a new asphalt roof. if you are having issues with your roof or gutters call Klaus Roofing for a free estimate today!

Shingle Replacement in Fairview Park, OH

A beautiful home in Fairview Park, Ohio needed a roofing repair due to water damage from the gutters. The gutters were causing water to get under the shingles, causing the shingles to come off. The homeowners reached out to Klaus Roofing to get a roofing repair cost estimate. The homeowners were happy with the cost estimate and scheduled an appointment that was able to work around their schedule. The roof contractors got straight to work and were able to find the water damage immediately. There was a lot of water damage done under the old shingles all the way into the roof beams. This was causing the main beam holding the structure on a corner of the roof to rot and deteriorate. The roofers were able to put in a new beam to keep the structure sturdy. Once the shingle and gutter replacement was done, the homeowners were happy to not worry about shingles falling off anymore. For any roofing issues give Klaus Roofing a call for your free estimate today!

Emergency Roof Repair in Garfield Heights, OH

A home in Garfield Heights, Ohio was in need of an emergency roof repair. The roof had lots of weather damage. The roof also had two layers of shingles laid down from previous roof repairing. Our team went out to the house to get an estimate for the homeowners. The estimate was within their budget and wanted to make an appointment to repair this roof as soon as possible. The crew arrived at the house ready to give the roof a much needed makeover. Once they got the multiple layers of shingles off they were ready to put the new asphalt shingles on. These durable shingles can withstand strong winds, hail, and much more. The roofing contractors turned this roof around completely. From having two layers of shingles and having the shingles be lifted in multiple places, to now a brand new roof with no issues. The homeowners couldn't be happier to have a new roof. For any roofing issues, give Klaus Roofing a call for a free estimate today!

Emergency Roof Repair in Garfield Heights, OH - Photo 1
Wind Damaged Roof Repair in Cleveland, OH

This house in Cleveland, Ohio had some roof wind damage causing leaking into the home. So the homeowners were looking for an emergency roof repair.  The homeowners gave Klaus Roofing a call for a free estimate, which was within the client's price range. they were able to schedule the roof replacement on the same day as the estimate. Our roof contractors were able to replace the roof and use our durable asphalt shingles. The shingles come in many colors and can be decided by the homeowner. These asphalt shingles give any home a sleek look that brings the home together. The homeowners couldn't have been happier with how the finished roof looked. For any and all of your roofing needs give Klaus Roofing a call for your free estimate!

Wind Damaged Roof Repair in Cleveland, OH - Photo 1Wind Damaged Roof Repair in Cleveland, OH - Photo 2Wind Damaged Roof Repair in Cleveland, OH - Photo 3
Asphalt Shingle Installation in Cleveland, OH

A homeowner in Cleveland, Ohio was ready to replace the roofing system on her current home. It had been a couple of months since the previous system was installed a couple of decades ago and a new roof was needed desperately. Ms. Homeowner contacted Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio to get a free estimate for this project.

Our roofing specialists were able to offer the estimate and begin the installation process. Asphalt shingles were the best solution to the water leakage and mold problem that was present at this home. The new roofing system was placed on this home perfectly by our team. They completed the project from start to finish, ensuring every part of the project was done professionally. For a free estimate, contact Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio today.

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