Job Stories

Job Stories

Roof Replacement in Columbiana, Ohio
April, a homeowner in Columbiana, Ohio, is looking to sell her home. She wants to get a higher asking price, so she started working with contractors to fix up her home. April called Klaus Roofing Systems for a roof inspection, to determine if any further work was needed. Klaus Roofing sent a team over, and they were able to determine that if she wanted to get the maximum value of her home upon resale, she needed their roof replacement services. April scheduled a date and the team delivered. Klaus Roofing was able to install a new roof, so that her home was protected for her and the future homeowner. Now April can raise her asking price and feel confident that she will be able to get the most out her home resale value.    If you need your roof inspected for yourself or for a potential home buyer, feel free to call Klaus Roofing of Northeast Ohio for a free estimate.
New Gutter System That Fits Any Budget in Youngstown, Ohio
A homeowner contacted Klaus Roofing Systems frustrated because many of the previous estimates he has received only focus on forcing the highest-priced gutter system on him. He explained to our team that he did not believe the highest price tag meant the best quality. He wanted to see options that fit his needs and decide from those.  Once he got in communication with Klaus Roofing Systems, he appreciated speaking with someone that was adding zero pressure to his decision. Our sales representatives were able to give multiple different options to replace his current gutter system. We listened to what this homeowner was looking to accomplish and was able to fit those needs into our recommendations.  Klaus Roofing Systems installed a gutter system that was a more basic model but included a raindrop topper. This system was exactly what this Youngstown, Ohio homeowner was looking for and it was installed quickly to prevent any further damage that can come from the clog in his previous gutters.  To get a free estimate on your gutter system, contact Klaus Roofing Systems of Northeast Ohio today! 
Tree Damage in Salem, OH
A tree fell through a home in Salem, Ohio during a large windstorm. The damage the tree caused was huge and detrimental to the homeowner. He originally had the damage temporarily repaired. That worked for a short amount of time. Eventually, though the patch job that was performed began to fail.  The slightest amount of rain would leak into the home once the repair failed. It was starting to create damage to the interior portions of the home. When the homeowner had no other option, he called Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio to get a free estimate on a full roof replacement.  Our Roofing Specialists performed the estimate on this home and answered all the questions this homeowner had. They presented the best replacement options to add the perfect level of protection to this home. After the estimate appointment, asphalt shingles were installed on this home by our roofing team. The new roof was placed perfectly and the homeowner did not have to worry about interior damage anymore.  To schedule a free estimate appointment, contact Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio. 
Deteriorating Gutter System in Salem, OH
The gutters that were on a home in Salem, Ohio were beginning to deteriorate and pull away from the home. The damaged gutter system was causing harm to other parts of the home because it was not collecting rainwater correctly. The water was fall right off the home and puddling near the base of the home. This was causing the soil around the home to push the foundation inward. The homeowner knew it was time to get his gutter problem under control. So, he called Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio to get a free estimate on a gutter replacement project. Our team came out and provided the estimate and options for the replacement. GutterShutter® was installed onto this home perfectly. This new system stopped the potential for any future foundation problems. To schedule your free estimate, contact Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio.   
Failing Roof System in Salem, OH
A roof replacement project was necessary when the current system began to fail. The old roof was missing shingles and had holes that were leading to leakage inside of the home. The homeowner was prepared to take on a roof replacement project. He wanted something stable on his home that would provide a high level of security against harsh weather conditions and high winds. Asphalt shingles were the perfect solution for this home because of their durability of the shingles. They are available in a wide array of color options and hold up against all weather conditions. For your free estimate, contact Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio today.   
GutterShutter® Keeps Gutters Clear in Canfield, OH
A homeowner in Canfield, Ohio was interested in having the gutter system on his home replaced. It was well overdue and the previous system was beginning to sag in certain places. He got in contact with Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio to set up an appointment to receive a free estimate. Our team was able to set this appointment for a Saturday morning because this worked best with the homeowner's schedule. This appointment led to the homeowner having a new GutterShutter® System installed on her home. This new system is designed to collect the water that comes off of the roof and redirects it away from the home. The system comes standard with a guard that protects the gutters from getting clogged with leaves and other debris. Ensuring the gutters stay clear, makes sure rainwater is redirected properly. To schedule your free estimate, contact Klaus Roofing System of NE Ohio today.
A Raccoon Free Roof in Girard, OH
A homeowner in Girard, Ohio was ready for a full roof replacement on his home. His current system was severely damaged and broken in certain places. Raccoons were taking home under the roofing system and having babies there. Because of this invasion of creatures, the homeowner was ready to push forward with the roof replacement as soon as possible. He received a free estimate for this project from Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio. During this appointment, our trained Roofing Specialists answered all the questions that the homeowner had regarding the replacement process.  Our team gave the best options for the homeowner to choose from and kept communication during the entire process. He was able to customize everything, right down to the color of the asphalt shingles that would be installed. To schedule your free estimate, contact Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio. 
Redirecting Water Keeps a Girard, OH Home Safe
The downspouts were not working properly on a home in Girard, Ohio. The system was constantly clogging and did not redirect rainwater properly. It was causing the water to pool around the base of the home. This is dangerous to the foundation of the home because the excess water can make the soils that sit against your home to expand and push the foundation walls inward. This was creating some concern with the homeowner because they did not want any other parts of their home to become damaged due to a faulty gutter and downspout system. He immediately began searching for a company that could help keep this home safe. Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio was able to offer products that could help. Our Roofing Specialists were able to install a new downspout system that could direct the water away from the base of the home to a safe place towards the end of the yard. This homeowner could not be happier with the security he now feels because of this newly installed system. Contact Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio to schedule your free estimate. 
Home Facelift in Girard, OH
A roof replacement project was necessary on a home in Girard, Ohio. The previous roofing system that was on the home was failing and causing harm to the ceilings on the interior of the home. The first sign of damage that was obvious to the homeowner was the discolored spots that were forming on the ceiling in her kitchen. Those spots indicated a leakage from above. This homeowner contacted Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio to have the spotting looked into further by a professional. A free estimate appointment was set up and our Roofing Specialists were able to find damage to the roofing system on this home. The options were discussed with the homeowner to prevent the failing roof from causing any other damage to other parts of the home. Ultimately, she decided to have the entire roofing system replaced to prevent the problem from appearing again in the future. Our team was able to explain the entire roof replacement process and answer all of the questions that came up during the break-down of this project. A supporting item that really made this homeowner happy was the option to choose the color of the asphalt shingles that would be installed. She was not a huge fan of the color that was on her home and she was excited to give her house a facelift. To schedule your free estimate, contact Klaus Roofing Systems of NE Ohio today!
Minerva, Ohio T-lock to Klaus Roof
In the Minerva, Ohio area, a homeowner was interested in repairing their roof. The old T-lock shingles roof was over 20 years old and cosmetically unappealing. For the new roof, the homeowner was interested in asphalt shingles and knew Klaus Roofing offered them.   A free estimate was set up, and one of our representatives visited the home to assess the roof. The homeowner received a free estimate for an entire roof replacement, not repairs because of the age of the roof. He decided to go with us for the job, and our team will begin the project shortly. Call Klaus Roofing today for a free estimate in the Minerva, Ohio area. 
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